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What is a PREcrastinator

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Everyone knows what procrastinate's the reason you've watched "The Office" all the way through 27 times. But what about this lesser-known term?


Do you ever PREcrastinate? It's the exact opposite for procrastinating, which sounds like it would be a good thing. But maybe not.


Precrastinating is when you do things as early as possible to get them out of the way, so you won't have to stress. But experts say overdoing it can be stressful in its own way. 


For example, you might stress yourself out trying to get something done when you don't really have time. Or, you could lose sleep to give yourself more free time later. But then you end up filling that free time with even MORE work.


That doesn't mean you can't knock things off your to-do list to get them out of the way. Just try not to overdo it.


Think of pre- and procrastinating as the extremes. The healthiest place to be is somewhere in the middle. 

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