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Father's Day gifts that Dad do not want

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Father’s Day is on Sunday. If you’re still trying to decide what to buy for the dads in your life this year, a new survey is here to help. It asked 2-thousand people about their shopping habits for the holiday and it reveals which presents are most and least appreciated by fathers on their special day.

It seems a lot of dads just aren’t all that picky, as 26% say they’d be happy with any gift they receive.

  • But there are some items fathers would rather not unwrap this year and fishing gear tops the list.
  • That’s followed closely by golf-related items and surprisingly, Hawaiian shirts are third.
  • So what do dads actually want for Father’s Day? Going out for a meal is the most wanted present.
  • Number two is a big ticket item, a special getaway trip. But the third is much more budget-friendly - beer.
  • Spending time with their kids is the fourth most popular Father’s Day gift, followed by a hotel stay and wine, which tied for fifth.

The Father’s Day Gifts Dads Don’t Want To Get

  1. Fishing gear
  2. Golf-related items
  3. Hawaiian shirts
  4. Bow ties
  5. Cufflinks
  6. Gym attire
  7. “Best Dad” merchandise
  8. Socks
  9. Barbecue tools
  10. Jewelry


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