Skateboarding Cat Breaks Speed Record in China



A skateboarding cat showed off his skills in China and earned a Guinness World Record by skateboarding a distance of 32 feet, 9.2 inches in just 12.85 seconds.


Bao Zi, an American shorthair cat, broke the record for the fastest 10 meters on a skateboard by a cat at the age of just 1 year and 8 months old.


Bao Zi's owner, professional dog trainer Li Jiangtao, said his original intention when he brought a cat home was to help with a rodent problem.


"We had mice running around the ceiling at night, so I got Bao Zi to scare them away," he told Guinness World Records.


Jiangtao said he soon realized Bao Zi might have talents beyond mousing.


"I've been training dogs for over a decade, and I started skateboarding with my own dog for fun. But Bao Zi showed a keen interest in skateboards, so I decided to nurture this behavior," Jiangtao said.


He said it took about a year for the feline to master the art of skateboarding.



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