Toby Keith Announces New Business Venture

Toby Keith is more than a country legend - he's an entrepreneur, investing in things like golf courses and his chain of "I Love This Bar & Grill" establishments. As of yesterday, he is now also owner of Luck E. Strike - an iconic bait and tackle brand used by some of the world's top pro anglers. 

"They needed a new focus and vision and I happened to be standing at the door ready to pick up the pieces," Keith shared in a press release. "I’ve got a house on a lake where they hold a lot of fishing tournaments, and I became friends with Jeff [Williams], who has built two big tackle brands," Keith said. "He reached out and told me Luck E Strike was for sale, and he was as interested as I am in rebuilding it."

Toby's Instagram account broke the story: "Big news… Toby has acquired Luck E Strike, an iconic bait and tackle brand! The company will be relaunching this summer with new products and a new look (including some red, white, and blue packaging!), so make sure you follow @luck.e.strike to stay up to date.” 

Source: CountryNow

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