Jake Owen Announces New Album

It's been a long four years since Jake Owen's last album, so it would be understandable if fans were getting a little restless. Jake jumped on Instagram yesterday and, by all appearances, the wait was well worth it. 

The clip is just Jake and his guitar - and he explains the title track of what will be his seventh album, "Loose Cannon," and to further reward fans' patience, he played an acoustic version of the tune. Alongside the post, he dropped another news tidbit: "4 Songs droppin this Friday at midnight… the early “teaser” 🤷🏽‍♂️ to the actual album titled “Loose Cannon” 💥 dropping June 23rd!!!!!!!(This is me being a promo guy) 🏅"

The album will feature 16 new tracks written by top-shelf artists and songwriters, including Jordan DavisWalker HayesAshley Gorley and more. And the four songs from the project that drop tomorrow: "On the Boat Again," "Solo, Solo," "Nothing" and "Hot Truck Beer."

Source: TasteOfCountry 

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