Here Are America’s Most Hated Thanksgiving Foods

Ever wonder why so many classic Thanksgiving foods only make an appearance on the table once a year? Turns out, there’s a good reason for it - a lot of Americans don’t really like them.

A survey of 1-thousand American adults looks at their holiday eating habits, revealing the dishes people are most likely to hide in their napkin when no one is looking. Mathematician Eric Jones analyzed the survey results to come up with the most disliked items on the typical Thanksgiving menu.

After crunching the numbers, Jones finds that the most hated traditional Turkey Day dish is cranberry sauce, which 30.5% of those surveyed say they don’t like. The survey doesn’t differentiate between the canned stuff or the homemade version, but both can be divisive. The second most hated dish may be the most surprising - turkey - the star of the dinner, which 29% of respondents say they don’t care for.

The Most Hated Thanksgiving Foods, according to the survey

  1. Cranberry Sauce — 30.5%
  2. Turkey — 29.1%
  3. Green Bean Casserole — 27.5%
  4. Ham — 26.7%
  5. Coleslaw — 25.3%
  6. Sweet Potatoes or Yams — 25.1%
  7. Stuffing/Dressing. — 22.3%
  8. Pumpkin Pie. — 21.4%
  9. Carrots. — 16.9%
  10. Mashed Potatoes. — 15.4%
  11. Corn. — 14.3%
  12. Macaroni and Cheese. — 14.3%
  13. Apple Pie. — 12.8%

* None of these. I like them all. — 16.5%

Source: Mental Floss

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